Pretty much everyone knows how much trouble the economy has had over the last several years creating jobs. But some sectors have been bright spots, with booming growth and solid earning potential, enough to be called the best new jobs in America.

These positions are all over the map in regards to their required skill levels and pay scales, but one thing appears to be certain: they are cutting-edge careers that are in-demand and growing.

For example, do you like playing video games? More importantly, do you have a talent for building them? Then a career as a video game designer might be right up your alley. The position has a median pay of around $52,000 a year with a 10-year job-growth rate of 32.4 percent.

However, if you are looking for the big money, then you might want to take a swing at a career as an I.T. data scientist, a position averaging nearly $100,000 a year on a 10-year job-growth rate of 18.7 percent.

Best New Jobs in America

  1. 1. Video game designer: $52,2000 median salary
  2. 2. Solar sales consultant: $45,100
  3. 3. I.T. data scientist: $98,600
  4. 4. Wind turbine mechanical engineer: $61,300
  5. 5. Social media manager: $41,700
  6. 6. Sustainability consultant: $59,200


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