Advice for job seekers in 2017 according to some is that if you want to get a good job and live comfortably, move to the big secondary cities, not the mega-cities.

Compiled by NerdWallet, this list looks at cities where people can find jobs and the best bang for their buck. Aspects figured into the list were based on unemployment rates, workforce growth, median income, and rent costs. The list then takes those factors and places them up against the 100 largest cities in the US.

The Best Cities for Job Seekers according to their findings are:

Austin, TX
Denver, CO
Nashville, TN
Seattle, WA
Durham, NC
Atlanta, GA
Minneapolis, MN
Lincoln, NE
Irving, TX
Raleigh, NC

As you can see, Austin is at the top of the list...But what makes Austin the number city for job seekers in 2017?

First, Austin checks off all the desired factors proposed in the study. Second, Austin is home to one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the country. Plus, there are plenty of places to live in the surrounding Austin areas.

Another factor that played into Austin’s favor is the large number of young people living there. All of the cities ranked on the list have a higher than average number of 20-somethings living there, according to 2015 census data. Of the 100 cities listed in the study, the average percentage of 20-something residents is 17.2%.

One thing is for sure and that is Austin has been and continues to grow with every passing year and I'm sure that trend will continue in 2017.