The city of Dallas recently announced plans to build the largest urban park in America. Dubbed The Trinity River Park, it features 10,000 acres of forests, great lawns, playgrounds and riverside trails.

The massive undertaking will help Dallas in its quest to become a “greener” city. Development of the Trinity River Park helps contain potentially dangerous floodwaters and turn an otherwise dangerous area “from a natural disaster into a breathtaking spectacle,” according to developers.

The huge undertaking joins parts of the Great Trinity Forest already developed for use. Those include a massive golf course, horse park and children’s nature center.

The whole project hasn’t received too much attention just yet because the city’s government broke it up into separate, manageable sections instead of one giant project.

Area residents will be able to access the park in as little as a 10-minute drive from downtown Dallas. Parts of the park are already in operation, while the rest will hopefully come in the next year or two.

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