The Blue Water Highway Band was in San Angelo this past weekend to perform at a wedding and they did some hanging out on a famous local bus as you can see above in their Facebook post over the weekend. The 'Blue Bayou' as it is called is a bus owned by the Thorp's, who own Thorp's Trucking here in town. Kickin' Country 103.1's very own Chuck Baker knows a lot about the 'Blue Bayou'. He's spent some time on the bus making a road trip to the Lumber Yard in Roscoe to see John Anderson in concert. He even tried to convince John to ride to Mexico on the bus, but John couldn't go because he had another gig. Chuck says if you get the chance to hang out with the Thorp's, do it. He says they are real nice people and their bus ain't bad either. Chuck recommends you take a ride on it if you can. Maybe you can go see a John Anderson or even a Blue Water Highway Band concert, too.

As mentioned by the band in the comment section of the band's post, the Thorp's sure know how to party. If you see the 'Blue Bayou' around town, you better not bother knockin' because the party bus is probably rockin'.