Brandy Clark has a new album out that drives home the point, at least in one song, sometimes sucks!
There is a lot of anticipation over four-time Grammy Award nominee Brandy Clark's new album 'Big Day In A Small Town' which features the single 'Love Can Go To Hell' plus 10 other songs.

Clark is a remarkable storyteller, and she takes ownership of her single “Love Can Go to Hell” and delivers this love story in a very unique way.

Brandy says of the album...'This record is a musical journey that has stretched, inspired and moved me artistically. I hope that it moves fans when they hear it half as much as it moves me when I play it every night.'

'Big Day in a Small Town' tells the stories of the football star, the father, the homecoming queen and the hairdresser...because those are the stories and people that Clark grew up knowing in Morton, Wash.

Brandy is currently promoting the album, which is available now, with shows all over the country and will be appearing on the Grand Ol Opry this Saturday, August 27th!

Check out Brandy Clark's “Love Can Go to Hell” in the above video!

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