In the four years since his first full-length album, Cameran Nelson has landed five No. 1 Texas singles (“Nothing’s Got Nothin’,” “35 Runs Both Ways,” “Shotgun,” “You Can Still Wear White,” "Little that We're Living On"), played hundreds of shows, and has shot several music videos; but this may be his best video yet.

Late last week Nelson and his wife, Lindsey, welcomed a new baby boy into their family, and they took us all along for the ride, documenting the whole thing.

It's been a long day, but we made it!! Say hello to our new baby boy!! (Lindsey still hasn't picked a name.) Thanks to the entire nursing staff at Hill Country Memorial for making us feel at home. Time to let momma rest. #HomeWasntBuiltInADay#ThatsEverything#NewBabyBoy#HeNeedsAName

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