It's time once again for me to take my yearly week of vacation.  No I'm not going anywhere fancy or doing anything special, just taking it easy.

Ben Ryan

When I sign off January 25th, my 27th birthday, I will be going off the radar until February 4th.  Well, I'll actually be off the radar starting January 27th because there are some great shows in the Concho Valley I want to check out.  First off, my birthday night will bring Cody Johnson to Midnight Rodeo.  Cody and the guys put on a heck of a show and know how to party it up so I figure it'll be a fun night.  The next night on the other side of town it's Jason Eady, Brian Keane and Adam Hood doing an acoustic song swap at Blaine's Pub.  Three of my top ten favorite songwriters on one stage, can't beat that with a stick.  After my bout with live music in the Conhco Valley I'm heading to Fort Worth to visit my folks and do all the birthday stuff with them as well as hanging out with some friends.  One of my longtime friends and old roommate's birthday is on January 15th so I assume we'll have to hit the town and have a few cold ones.  I'll spend a few days in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and then I have no clue what I'll do.  I've been debating on taking a road trip but not sure who'd be able to join or even where to go.  Any suggestions?

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Cody Johnson - Guilty As Can Be

Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven

Adam Hood - Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty

Brian Keane - Living Is Killing Me