CarMax might have earned an epic slow clap from all the people they've ever given a good deal on a used car, but for this Super Bowl 2014 commercial they also have received a slow bark. That's right, CarMax parodies their own Super Bowl 2014 commercial by reenacting their same exact commercial with puppies instead of actors.

In CarMax's first Super Bowl commercial, a man who purchased a car from a CarMax location chimes in about how he is glad to have started his search with the popular used-car retailer. In response, the employee who hands him the keys starts a slow clap that we've seen done in numerous dramatic and inspirational movies. Like the slow claps done on the silver screen, the CarMax commercial starts off with a lone person clapping slowly, with other people eventually joining in until everyone in the area seems to be in applause. The buyer from the commercial then goes driving in his new vehicle, getting more and more slow clap responses wherever he goes. Even an old man being rescued by a fireman is doing a slow clap for the driver. By the end of the commercial, a forest ranger, accompanied a person in a bear suit (who were both seen clapping earlier), asks the viewer "if the big game has a puppy version, why doesn't the big game's commercials have puppy versions?" Luckily, CarMax was only half done.

CarMax's follow-up video parodies both the Puppy Bowl and CarMax's own commercial by recreating the entire slow clap sequence using various breeds of puppies. Hearts will melt and laughter will ensue once you click below and witness the slow bark.

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