Casey Donahew is back with his first new album in three years, One Light Town. The new project, produced by Josh Leo, features 15 songs, 8 penned by Donahew, with 5 as solo writer, and songs by some of Nashville’s finest.

The album runs the gamut of emotions from start to finish, with a few good tongue-in-cheek laughs in between. A huge fan of songwriter Jeff Hyde and his work with Eric Church ("Springsteen," "Record Year") Donahew sought out some of Hyde’s songs for the new project and ended up with the sweetly sentimental title track, “One Light Town,” which perfectly expresses the kind of thing every woman wants to hear from her love, and the cleverly written common scenario in the edgy “Fiction,” about a guy who just can’t quite accept that it’s really over.

“Casey is one of those rare artists who knows how to push himself into uncharted territory with each new release without losing his core essence. He is a true singer-songwriter in the modern troubadour sense in every way.  He knows how to tell a story and make the listener believe that they are right there.” - producer/songwriter Josh Leo

The album includes its share of heartbreak and love-gone-wrong songs like the quintessential ode to an unabashed jerk in “Bad Guy” (Casey Donahew, John Newsome), but is also infused with up-tempo tracks like the lead single, “Let’s Make A Love Song” (Josh Leo, Jimmy Yeary and Tim Nichols), the fun-filled “Queen For A Night" (Jimmy Yeary, Ben Hayslip, David Lee Murphy), "Southern Girl" (Casey Donahew), and the spirited “We Ain’t The Sun" (Brad Tursi, Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen). On “He Ain’t A Cowboy" (Casey Donahew), he pokes a little fun and calls out the posers, but flexes his quiet, introspective side on the album’s moving closer, “A Cowboy’s Prayer, Promise Land” (Casey Donahew, Steve Stone) an eloquent and touching nod and fitting farewell to a cowboy who has made his last ride into the sunset, departing to a better place.

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