Many folks around the area and internet are reeling this week from a photo of San Angelo local Clay Davenport posing with his 56-pound catch. The flathead catfish was pulled from the Twin Buttes puddle system by hand and is reported by state officials to be approximately the size of your mom. In response to his catch Davenport is quoted as saying "it was an awesome fight". No doubt.

Here's to you Clay, for producing one of the most impressive pictures the internet has seen since that one Kim Kardashian magazine cover.

Facebook / Inland Fisheries San Angelo Division
Facebook / Inland Fisheries San Angelo Division

Here's the update from the Inland Fisheries San Angelo Division as found on their Facebook:

Clay Davenport applied for a big fish record with this 56 pound flathead out of Twin Buttes. Clay caught this fish hand fishing and showed off a few scrapes to prove it. There is not a separate record for hand fishing so it falls under the all-tackle category with the record being 73.35 pounds.

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