Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Barry Manilow

Age: 69

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Known For: An incredibly prolific pop music career including dozens of singles as well as songs for musicals, films and commercials, producing and arranging albums for other artists including Bette Midler and Dionne Warwick, being a mainstay headliner in Las Vegas, selling more than 80 million records worldwide, and having a face off which you can currently bounce a quarter

Greg Kinnear

Age: 49

Occupation: Actor

Known For: Being the first host of E!’s ‘Talk Soup,’ an Oscar-nominated turn in ‘As Good as It Gets,’ and roles in many other movies including ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’

Newt Gingrich

Age: 69

Occupation: Politician and Loyal Tiffany Customer

Known For: His service as 58th Speaker of the US House of Representatives and his recent candidacy for president in which he made wacky promises like colonizing the moon

Joe Piscopo

Age: 61

Occupation: Actor and Comedian

Known For: Being a regular on ‘Saturday Night Live’ from 1980-1984, appearing in a series of Miller Beer commercials, and doing voiceover work for a variety of animated shows

Will Forte

Age: 42

Occupation: Actor, Writer, and Comedian

Known For: Eight years as a cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ gigs writing for series such as ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ’3rd Rock From the Sun,’ starring in the ‘SNL’ spin-off film ‘MacGruber,’ and appearing in the role of Paul L’Astnamé, Jenna’s cross-dressing boyfriend on ’30 Rock’

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