Get ready for one of the best circus shows you have ever seen as Do Portugal Circus brings you the big top and all of the fun and amazing performances that come with this awesome show which is running now with continued performances through October 17th.

This is a fantastic show for the entire family which has toured constantly since it's beginning in 1994. The performers are masters of their craft going above and beyond to bring you a fantastic show you will never forget, full of fun and excitement all while bringing you the magical touch of a classic circus.

You'll enjoy amazing acts that will have you on the edge of your seats from clowns to jugglers, motorcyclists to trapeze artist. This circus offers something for everyone.

Do Portugal Circus is where your circus dreams come true. Every show is filled with spectacular sights, amazing experiences and unforgettable memories!

Choose from a selection of reserved seating preferences based on availability! The first show is this evening (Friday, October 8th) at 7:30 pm with performances continuing until Sunday, October 17th in the parking lot at Sunset Mall. For more information visit or call them at 956-203-8195. You can also find them on facebook and Instagram @doportugalcircus.

For more information about the show, reserving your tickets and a view of their seating chart, click here.

Get ready for their fun filled family show guaranteed to keep you entertained!!

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