Probably Chris Knight needed just seven years off to commit felonies; out there on the lam 'till he got enough A-material for the new album. This week we added “I’m William Callahan,” the lead single from his soon-to-be-released new album, Almost Daylight, to rotation at Radio Texas, LIVE! (Download our IOS or Android app to stream commercial free Texas and Red Dirt music right now).

This is the honorary Texan's first release in more than seven years. And yes, all of Kentucky and The Lone Star State, alike, is pumped.

“It’s hard to know how people are gonna react,” Chris Knight says of the new album. “I’ve written songs about a lot of different things going all the way back to my first record, and some folks still think ‘somebody kills somebody’ is all I write about. Maybe that’s why I was bound and determined to get these particular songs on this album. If people like them, then we’ll be fine. But I wasn’t gonna do it any other way.”

So, is Chris Knight actually William Callahan? Are you actually gonna question him on it? Get ready, the new album, Almost Daylight, will be ready for you on October 11th.

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