We have all thought about those insurance commercials where they watch your driving behaviors with a device and give you insurance breaks for good driving. Well the City of San Angelo put 75 city employees under the micro scope with a year long test.

Facebook- City Of San Angelo
Facebook- City Of San Angelo

The test was the DriveCam test where the employees were monitored by DriveCam for a year but saw postive results. City Risk Manager John Seaton says " The program not only helped us drive safely in our daily operations and reduce our repair costs, but it also helps keep our employees and the citizens of our community safe".

The results of the test show that the study reduced the frequency of risky driving events by 47 percent and decreased the severity of those events by 50 percent. The participants of the trail will be recognized at a breakfast from 8-9am on February 11th at the Convention Center.

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