With a drought stricken area and the implementation of  Drought Level II the City of San Angelo has set up a hotline to report violations.


The Code Compliance Division has established a hotline for citizens to report violations of the drought ordinance in San Angelo.

There are three ways in which you can report  a violation to the city (1)Hotline: 325-277-8906,(2)Code Compliance: 325-657-4409, (3)Online at: www.sanangelotexas.us

The second level of the drought plan which we are in has some simple violations to look for:

1. Outside watering is restricted to no more than 1 inch once per week between 6p.m. and noon.

2. Can NOT allow water to run more than 150 feet down a gutter, street, alley or ditch.

3. Failure to repair a controllable leak.


As of September 1st Code Compliance has assumed the responsibility for enforcing the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency and has made it their top priority. The number of officers has been increased from 1 to 7 officers enforcing the policies. San Angelo's water supply is projected to dip to 12 months in October which would move the City of San Angelo to Drought Level III in which outside watering will be prohibited.


For more information you may contact the Code Compliance Office at 325-657-4409

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