The City of San Angelo will host a town hall forum to gather citizen input on garbage collection services at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 7, at the McNease Convention Center.


The forum will be conducted in the City Council chambers at the Convention Center, 501 Rio Concho Drive, and broadcast live on SATV, Suddenlink channel 117, and at

Additionally, the City will be gathering input via an online survey and further forums. Details of those efforts will be announced at the July 7 gathering.

The City Council on June 7 considered a move to monthly bulk pickup and collection of recyclables every other week. While the Council voiced support for the move, it wanted to solicit public opinion on other possible changes to trash service that might be incorporated at the same time.

Some citizens have told their Council representative they prefer, for instance, alley pickup. Some alleys in older neighborhoods are not wide enough or have the necessary overhead clearance to accommodate the automated trucks used by Republic Services, the City’s contracted trash collector. Alley pickup in those areas would require a reversion to workers manually emptying trash containers into trucks.

Operations Director Shane Kelton noted such customized service can be accommodated, but it would come with a price to customers.

“Some areas of town do not have alleyways,” Kelton said. “Whether citizens in those neighborhoods would be supportive of a change in rates to accommodate alley pickup in other areas of town remains to be seen.”

With the exception of Abilene, San Angelo’s rates are the lowest in West Texas. San Angelo is the only West Texas city that offers curbside recycling, free bulk pickup and a free monthly dumping at the landfill.