One of the songs that you will find on Cody's new album is his recording of Merle Haggard’s 'The Way I Am.' Jinks recorded the song for his upcoming album 'I’m Not The Devil' being released this Friday, August 12.

The tune is a perfect match for Jinks. His smooth vocals are a great fit for this classic song. The Haggard influence certainly shines through on the track.

Everything about the tune screams classic country. From the lead slide guitar to the chord progression and chorus harmonies. The Hag would probably approve!

Merle Haggard loved the song so much that not only was it the title song to his 1980 album, but he also released it as the lead single from the album!

Check Cody's version of the song out in the above video and remember that his new album 'I'm Not The Devil' comes out this Friday, August 12.

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