Cody Johnson's newest single is one of the best songs he's ever written. You know it, he knows it, even Reba knows it. Today CoJo released a new version of the fan-favorite featuring the country icon, and one-time rodeo dreamer.

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“[Hearing the song] took me to the ’70s, when I realized that my rodeo career was going absolutely nowhere. And that I did have a God-given talent and I needed to be using it. This [song] was kind of a reminder that it’s going to be okay, that if you do leave rodeo for the music, you’re going to be okay.” –Reba via Taste of Country

Cody Johnson is without a doubt the hottest act out of Texas right now, in fact earlier this year his music surpassed 1 billion streams, and in the past twelve months he was nominated for New Artist of The Year by both the CMA and ACM.

When Cody and I sat down to record for Radio Texas, LIVE! back in February he confided in my that "Dear Rodeo" would be his next radio single, little did I know then we'd be waiting seven months for it to be shipped. And there's no doubt that this song is special to him, here's what he wrote about his first love when he released it as a single.

Sometimes, you trade a dream for your purpose. I put pen to paper a couple years ago to share my story. Probably my favorite song I’ve written. Fans and friends, it’s my honor to announce that “Dear Rodeo” is launching on country radio today! Thank you to the #COJONation for making this possible and please make sure to request the song at your local station.

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