You may know him as the man on the fiddle in Cody Johnson's Rockin CJB, but Jody Bartula will not be fenced in. In addition to playing first fiddle to CoJo, Bartula is also one-third of the '90s country band Peaches & Creme, and the curator of the semi-regular Thunder Dome Fiddle Series.

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The Texas native recently took advantage of some downtime to team up with three fiddle playing pals to drop some hard-core Christmas fiddle on us. Now, it's obvious they're recording inside of a dome, the acoustics are great, but apparently this particular dome is a thunder one, which is cool af.

I sat down yesterday and put together this arrangement of Silver Bells, then got with some pals from bands around the scene and played it all pretty like. So here is episode 8 of the Thunderdome Fiddle Series. My dudes Wesley BarlowAdam Hill, and Zachary Gilbert totally knocked it out of the park.

Be sure to give my new podcast a listen; Buddy Logan's Aircheck is available to stream anywhere fine podcasts can be found. We've got a great conversation with Jody's boss, Cody Johnson, from earlier this year up there now.

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