Let's be honest, the correct way to pronounce "Childers" is not important. I mean it is, but it's secondary. A rose by any other name, right? Recognizing that Tyler Childers is a life-changing generational talent is really what matters.

One of the things I love about rap music is I can close my eyes and I can visualize what the artist wants me to see. When it comes to country music, Tyler "CHILD"-ers, I hope I'm saying your name right [he didn't] cause if I'm saying your name wrong I guarantee I am positive that your fans gonna be pitch forking outside my window... His story-telling is the best I've ever heard, period. I want to meet you but I'm scared to meet you cause I feel like you gonna look into my eyes and look into my soul and once you done looking at me you gonna walk away without saying good bye.

Comedian Josh Pray obviously made a new year's resolution to learn about GOOD country music. Last month he discovered Texas and Red Dirt music. Since then he found Cody Jinks, Aaron Watson, Cody Johnson, Whiskey Myers, and he has now discovered Tyler Childers.

Josh gets it. Childers is the man, man. We can work on the correct pronunciation later.

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