Here we go. It's time for another 'Concho Valley: You Decide'! This week, we've got a song written by the late, great Okie JJ Cale and covered by Cody Canada and the Departed. The song is "If You're Ever In Oklahoma".

So let's do a little comparison of the two versions of the song. First, here's Cody Canada and the Departed's cover version of "If You're Ever In Oklahoma":

JJ Cale wrote many songs including 'After Midnight' and 'Cocaine' for Eric Clapton among others. And now here's the original version of his "If You're Ever In Oklahoma":

Now you tell us. We know the Concho Valley knows music. Which version of the song do you prefer? Cody Canada and the Departed's or JJ Cale's? Sound off in the below comment section and let us know. You decide!