A mural was painted just a couple weeks ago in San Angelo commemorating the recording of 'Last Kiss' by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers that took place over 50 years ago. So with that in mind, we decided to have you decide Concho Valley which version of the song you prefer.

The Cavaliers recorded the song here in San Angelo back in 1964. 35 years later in 1999, grunge rock band Pearl Jam released their version of the song.

So let's do a little comparison of the two versions of the song. First, here's J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers' version of "Last Kiss":

And now here's Pearl Jam's version of the same song from their album 'Lost Dogs'. Give it a listen:

Now you tell us. We know the Concho Valley knows music. Which version of the song do you prefer? J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers or Pearl Jam? Sound off in the below comment section and let us know. You decide!