Back on their 1999 debut album 'Pearl Snaps', Jason Boland and the Stragglers recorded one of their signature songs, "Telephone Romeo". It's been a staple of their live shows all the way to this day.

Well after a few years passed, Kid Rock came across the song. He liked it so much that he decided to cover it on his 2010 album 'Born Free'. But before he went into the studio, he made some changes to the lyrics and even re-titled the song and called it 'Purple Sky'.

So let's do a little comparison of the two versions of the song. Here are the Stragglers' version of "Telephone Romeo":

Now here's is Kid Rock's version of the song, re-worded a little and re-titled to 'Purple Sky':

Now you tell us. We know the Concho Valley knows music. Which version of the song do you like better? Sound off in the below comment section and let us know. You decide!