Back in 1997 the band Whiskeytown released 'Strangers Almanac'. A highly acclaimed album which featured the song, "16 Days". Since leaving the band, lead singer Ryan Adams has moved on to a successful solo career in the music business.

Local singer/songwriter Judson Cole no doubt has clearly been influenced by the music of Ryan Adams. He covers Adams' songs in his live shows and last year on the Judson Cole Band's debut album, they recorded a version of "16 Days".

So it's time to do a little comparison of the two versions of the song. First, here's Whiskeytown's version of "16 Days":

And now here is the Judson Cole Band's version of the same song from their album 'Eastern Skies':

Now you tell us. We know the Concho Valley knows music. Which version of the song do you like better? Whiskeytown or the Judson Cole Band? Sound off in the below comment section and let us know. You decide!