It's time for another 'Concho Valley: You Decide'! This week, we've got a Bruce Springsteen song from the 80's. The song is 'Dancing in the Dark'. Springsteen wrote the song and released it on his 1984 album 'Born in the U.S.A'. Just a couple years ago in 2013, Rich O'Toole covered the song on his album 'Brightwork'.

So let's do a little comparison of the two versions of the song. First, here's Rich O'Toole's cover version of "Dancing in the Dark":

And now here's the original version of the same song from the Boss featuring a young Courtney Cox in the music video:

Now you tell us. We know the Concho Valley knows music. Which version of the song do you prefer? Rich O'Toole's or the Boss, Bruce Springsteen's? Sound off in the below comment section and let us know. You decide!