With Mother's Day coming this Sunday, Texas Standard caught up with Hayes Carll's mom, Connie. You can check it out in the above link posted to Hayes' Facebook page earlier this week.

Connie talks about her favorite Mother's Day gift she received from her son,

“I received a sheet of paper that he had pulled out of an art pad,” she says. “He had used colored chalk and drawn flowers around the border, and then he had written a verse. The verse is: ‘When I look inside myself, deep into my soul to see what is truly there, I see laughter. I see adventure. I see a performer. I see an argument. And I see that what I am, what I have been and what I will always will be, I learned from my mother. For that and everything else I love you always, Hayes.”

If you have a favorite Mother's Day story, tell us about it Concho Valley. Whether you are a Mom, a daughter or a son, we'd love to hear it. Sound off in the below comment section and share your story.