You either love Dalton Domino or you haven't heard of him yet. Dalton is one of the new faces in Texas Music who are ushering in a new young generation of fans. Town-by-town, and club-by-club, Texans from Lubbock to Corpus Christi have been given a front row seat to Dalton's uncanny ability to connect with fans.

In 2017 he released one of the most carefully crafted albums in Texas with Corners. Since then we have been given intimate access to his personal life as he's worked battling personal demons and addictions. It seems candor and honesty are two things that Dalton can't help but give -- which makes him impossible to root against.

Today we got our first glimpse into Songs From Exile. "All I Need" is a duet with newcomer Kalsey Kulyk. Domino tells Billboard of the song, "It’s about how two people, no matter how opposite they are, find a way to each other and fall in love. It’s about how crazy the idea of love is. And we aren’t sure why it happens. But how happy we are that it does.“

The new project will be released on Aug. 23.

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