Danica Patrick is donning a muscle suit for GoDaddy in the latest of leaked Super Bowl 2014 commercials. So let us take a look at why this female master of the IndyCar series has decided to leave the raceway and get huge.

In this leaked Super Bowl commercial, Danica Patrick can be seen with a flock of meatheads as they storm the streets. Fans might remember Ms. Patrick from the popular GoDaddy shower commercial which aired during Super Bowl XLIII back in 2009. While it's quite hilarious that the ever so beautiful Danica Patrick looks like Venus Van Dam from 'Sons of Anarchy', the commercial does get the message through.

GoDaddy is a company that acts as a domain registrar and also does web hosting for those wishing to make their own website. In the video, Danica and her pack of alpha males are running through the streets until they reach their destination, Selena's Spray Tan shop. Since GoDaddy registers domains and helps promote websites on the Internet, all the gym junkies in the area are running to Selena's, hinting that GoDaddy's website of her shop has attracted all of these physically superior-looking people to her shop.

Danica Patrick is known for being the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. It would make sense that she would continue doing commercials for GoDaddy since they were the main sponsor for the Stewart-Haas Racing team which Ms. Patrick raced under for the 2013 Sprint Cup Series.

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