Travis County’s 126th District Judge Jan Soifer has blocked the ban and ruled in favor of allowing Delta-8 THC products back on the market after removing it from the Texas list of controlled substances, even though that could change.

That ruling was prompted after DSHS said the product, derived from hemp, was therefore illegal in Texas and the product was banned and no longer available for purchase.

After being banned, the question came up as to whether or not the state followed the law when it ruled the hemp-derived product was illegal.

Mike Brown, owner of ENDO Dispensary in Rowlett was quoted as saying...“I think it’s a huge victory, especially for people who use this for medicinal purposes. Had to lock the door just so I could do this Zoom call. People out the door. Very good for business. A lot of them are coming in here with tears in their eyes grateful that they can still have access to what’s working for them that they thought they were going to lose. Brown went on to say...“We now have compliant Delta-9 THC, by their law. When they push, we evolve. I don’t want to say we fight back, but the harder you push endo brands, the harder we’re going to push back.”

This is a temporary injunction against the Texas Department of State Health Services and DSHS Commissioner John Hellerstedt. It could be reversed if the State takes it to trial, which could be as early as January 2022.

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