Deep in south Texas there is an old Spanish term called “Dale Shine,” which in today’s slang style simply means “give it gas” and/or “go for it.”  Further up north, in Stephenville to be exact, hails a band so heavily mired in that credo that their stages are nearly overrun with fans pressed hard up against the edges, eyes wide, hanging on every word.  In the Americanized version, they call themselves Dolly Shine, and on June 10th they will release their new album “Walkabout,” individual tales from a drifter’s diary…no “moral of the story,” just straightforward observation.   Pre-orders are available on Pledge Music.

The long awaited album is produced by Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato, longtime friends and seasoned musicians themselves formerly with Stephenville heavyweights, Six Market Blvd.

Sound off Concho Valley and Dolly Shine fans if you can't wait until June 10th. Let us know in the below comment section.