Marketing is very important to any business.  I'm sure it is especially important to people who run a respectful bar or tavern. Finding a good name that sticks is surely important.  Finding a good name that is as funny, when you're not drinking, as when you are is not always that easy.

While we have some bars with interesting names, the people of Great Britain have a thousand years of historic taverns all over the country. Brits fancy themselves handy with a phrase.  Some of the most creative tavern names in England include:

The Windy Lioness

The Ruthless Wife Pub

The Lone Palm

The Milk Room

Quick Queen

Here in San Angelo, we have some creative names for watering holes.  Wait, The Watering Hole, feel free to steal that one. Here are some bar names I like most here in San Angelo.

1) The Twisted Root Burger Company 333 S. Chadbourne This place has great burgers and adult beverages.  With all the Peyronie'sw Disease "Bent Carrot" ads on television, we're trying hard  not to wonder.  Was this someone's inspiration?  Isn't "twisted root" a much better way to describe the condition?  Either way, this is a great name for an establishment.

2) The Angry Cactus 1 W Concho Avenue I'll admit it.  I've only been in San Angelo for a few months.  I have heard rumors about a regrettable controversial Angry Cactus Sign a few years back.  Not sure if it's a rumor, but the way I'm hearing the story, third or fourth hand, it is darned funny. Anyway, the iconic sign and the funny name are now a part of the culture and scene in San Angelo.  Seems like the perfect name for a place to go after you've had enough of getting "stuck" by bosses, spouses or anyone else you have to deal with on a daily basis. It is not an easy name to forget, that's for sure.

3) The House of Fifi Dubois 123 S. Chadbourne St. Every FiFi I've known has either been a dog or a stripper.  That's not the case at this incredible venue downtown.  Ok, I'm not sure who the inspiration was for this incredible venue, but everyone who's been there sure says nice things. If anyone knows who the real FiFi was, please send a message.  I'm dying to know.

4) Spams Bar and Lounge 2321 Sherwood Way This fine establishment has taken a name that doesn't always have the warmest feelings associated with it.  Unless, you're like me and you love SPAM, (Sizzle Pork and MMMMM). Spam is a go-to, old reliable for so many of us looking for a delicious meal.  So, with a name like Spams Bar and Lounge, you can't help but feel  familiar and comfortable.  Also, if you turn off your mobile devices and just soak up the atmosphere, you won't have to worry about SPAM emails or calls. That's a win-win all the way around.

5) Swa Gito Bar 204 S.Chadbourne I have to admit, I stared at this name for awhile then it dawned on me.  I'm not going to say WHAT dawned on me. Suffice it to say google was a bit ambiguous. In any event, the culture, the music it all comes together with a name that speaks volumes for the incredible music you hear there and the wonderful people you will meet.

6) The Deadhorse 210 S. Chadbourne I have a confession.  I love the name of this venue. I mean if ever there was a reason to have a drink, a dead horse in the Old West would certainly qualify.  I mean it's worse than having your beloved car throw a rod.  Nothing says, I need a drink and some great live music, like having to contend with a dead horse.

Did we miss any venues with funny names.  Let us know and we'll be glad to add them. A sense of humor is always a good thing.  The next time you see me out at one of these great establishments, say "hi".


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