No doubt, you have heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet many people opt to skip it on a regular basis. I am guilty of that from time to time, as well.

TheUniversity of Missouri researchers say that people, and particularly, young adults, are doing themselves a disservice by not sitting down to a high-protein breakfast since it can reduce the cravings for sweets and food loaded with fat.The study found that when breakfast is skipped, the cravings and desire to overeat rise during the course of the day.

This was figured this out by examining the brain's dopamine levels when different breakfasts are eaten. Dopamine is the chemical that moderates impulse and rewards, and is released by food among other things.

The result is that when people forgo breakfast, the dopamine level is blunted, meaning it takes more food later on to satisfy the brain's need for reward.

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