Losing a family pet is one of the hardest moments in anyone's life. You have raised and cared for that furry family member for many years. When they're gone, a big part of us is gone, too. For your kids, this could be a life lesson in loss. Part of that may include having a funeral and burial of your pet in the backyard. While it is perfectly legal in Texas to do so, be careful not to do some things that could get you in trouble.

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Texas has no laws on the books when it comes to burying your pet on your property. What can get you into some trouble with the law is if you take that pet and bury him or her in, say, a public park or on a piece of property that isn't yours. What can also get you into trouble is if while digging the hole, you hit a utility line, i.e., gas line, water line, etc. In Texas, you can call 811 and someone will come out to mark those areas for you so you don't hit anything.

How can I properly bury my pet?

To properly bury your pet, wrap them in a towel or blanket and put them in a trash bag. After sealing the bag, place them in a box of some kind to be buried. When digging the hole, make sure you dig at least four feet deep, six would ideal if you are able. What you bury them in and how deep will help prevent other animals from being attracted to the smell and possibly try to dig them up.

If your pet died of some kind of disease, you shouldn't bury the animal. Even though the animal is dead, the disease could still be spread to other animals.

Beyond that, how you memorialize your four legged family member is up to you. You can place a headstone in that spot or just a simple cross. I live in an apartment so when my black lab, Buddy, passed away, I had him cremated. He sits on a shelf in my living room with his collar and his favorite toy duck.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Give yourself time to grieve, as well. There is a special love we all have for our pets which makes our heart ache when we lose them. Once you get past the grieving stage, then you can think about getting another pet to love for years to come.

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