What would you do if you checked your garage in the middle of the night only to find an intruder? Would you:

A. Slam the garage door shut and call 911
B. Yell at the intruder to get off your property and then run and hide
C. Beat him with a shovel and dare the intruder to come back for more via a Craigslist ad

If you answered C, you are not alone. An elderly Boonville man was confronted by a thief in his garage. When the intruder came at the resident, he grabbed a shovel to defend himself and struck the intruder twice. Then, the resident took to Craigslist with the below message:

THIS message is for the thief & his friends that has been stealing tools and misc items around our neighborhood & town. How does it feel to get whacked with a long handle shovel by an old man, not once, but twice? If you want to try again, come on back.
I posted this in the free postings, since this guy thinks everything in our community and my garage is free? If you have a friend that is all black and blue, bruised up with a lousy excuse. He may be a thief!"
According to 14 WFIE, the couple has received more than 300 responses to the ad, many of them supporting the victim for defending his property.
Boonville police are reporting that break-ins are on the rise in the area due to suspects selling or trading items for drugs. Being such a small community, residents are used to keeping windows open and doors unlocked, but many are rethinking their open-door policy. One suspect who is thought to have been linked to break-ins in the area has been arrested but there is no word on if he is the one who lost the match with the dexterous champion and his old trusty. I don't think it will be too hard to tell...

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