How do I know our civilization is strong and will thrive? Look no further than the selfless help Texas, Louisiana and now Florida is receiving during the natural disasters of 2017.

In my opinion, we as humans have shown how strong we are when united. Now with Hurricane Irma wreaking havoc in Florida, Texas and Louisiana are planning to pay it forward. On Friday, the Texas Navy Facebook page shared a post that is already going viral - because people WANT to help.

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Both the Texas and Cajun Navy are already making plans to help those in Florida. They're also sharing and training people in Florida on how to best rescue people stranded by flooding.

American Military News reports just how much impact the Cajun and Texas Navies have already had in helping with Florida (not to mention what they did for us during Hurricane Harvey). What makes this even more amazing is that through social media and all of these selfless, heroic acts, more and more people are also doing what they can to help our fellow human beings.

One of the organizers, Rob Gaudet, has already made contact with Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio told the Miama Herald:

They're ready to go.

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