Trying something new when you are out to eat is good.  A great idea with trying new things is maybe asking others you are with if they've had what you are considering.  You may wind up just ordering fancy fish sticks!


So Ashley, my girlfriend, and I went to eat with her family for her brothers birthday before the Micky and the Motorcars show.  Red Lobster was the place chosen.  I like seafood just don't have it that often and I was looking forward to the cheddar biscuits.  I wanted to try something new since I always get shrimp.  After scouring the menu I decided I was going to try some Flounder, which I'd never had before.  Something new right?

Everyone ordered and we were sitting around talking, joking and waiting for the food to come.  Finally it comes and I was all excited for trying this new type of fish.  I cut into the fish and took a bite, it seemed oddly familiar.  Fish sticks.  It tasted like fish sticks.  Really?!  Thirteen bucks for some fish fillets that taste like fish sticks which I don’t really care for.  I didn't say anything about it off the bat, thinking it was only me.  Then, Ashley's brother looked at me and asked how my fish sticks were.

I asked him, while laughing, why he didn't warn me, he said it was funnier watching it all go down.  He said he ordered it once and  just wanted to see my reaction.  Just a warning, unless you love fish sticks, don't order Flounder when you go out to eat.  It'll leave you in disappointment.  You won this time Red Lobster, never again!  By the way, the picture above was not what it looked like by any means.


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