Considering Game of Thrones racks up records for setting stuntmen ablaze, it’s safe to say there’s a fair amount of death in Westeros. So much so, in fact, that some mad genius compiled footage of the whopping 150,000+ lost lives over the course of six seasons. Might want to get a poncho ready.

Granted, there’s some definite padding afoot in the new compilation from YouTube user Leon Andrew Razon (h/t UPROXX), as the 150,000 count includes animals killed on and off-screen, along with estimates of the various battles taking place over six seasons. And while nameless corpses are one thing, how dare they include Syrio Forel. I have at least eight different fan-theories cooking, and a buddy spinoff with Hot Pie in development.

In any case, the compilation already runs a robust twenty minutes, and will only get longer with seven more episodes premiering this summer (not to mention a final six in 2018 or 2019). Watch the trailer below, and maybe something a little more upbeat after.

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