The good vibes Gary Allan was soaking in on Set You Free have carried over to the first single from his next album. “Hangover Tonight” is the most carefree love song in a decade.

Allan seems poised to reclaim his title as one of country music’s sexiest male voices with this uptempo, soulful love song. Blues guitar licks work around the singer’s gritty delivery. Gospel singers praise the Lord behind Allan as he seduces his beauty, and country music fans everywhere.

We been hanging around this place / Hanging on to the hope in the way this whiskey tastes / Waiting, wishing that you would say / To hell with being sober / I wanna hangover tonight,” Allan sings at the chorus. “Feelings getting stronger / How could this be wrong girl / All night long girl / I wanna hangover tonight.”

The song is another about a guy meeting a girl, throwing a few fine lines her way and hoping she’ll follow his buzz home. Sometimes these songs feel creepy, but Allan’s interpretation is difficult to resist.

Well, I might make a move and it might be risky / I'll take one more shot if you'll take one with me / Get a little closer in the cab outside / Let's take a ride,” he says.

Like he did with "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)," Allan returns with a song no one was expecting. The singer continues to reinvent himself, even if that means going back to what many fans fell in love with a decade ago.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Hangover Tonight" is sexy without being sleezy. It's a great lyric, and Allan is the perfect man for it.

Key Lyrics: “Feelings getting stronger / How could this be wrong girl / All night long, girl / I wanna hangover tonight.” 

Did You Know?: Chris Stapleton helped Allan write "Hangover Tonight." Stapleton's solo album, Traveller, will be released on May 5.

Listen to Gary Allan, “Hangover Tonight”

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