It's about time we get Kevin Fowler back in San Angelo for a show and we are in for a great time tonight at Midnight Rodeo...

Kevin Fowler is one of the most amped-up concerts you will ever see! He is a true entertainer in every way. He writes most of his own music, records on his own label, tours constantly, loves his fans like family and his fans love him that same way!

When Kevin performs, everyone is drawn to get as close as possible and sing along with the music. He has been putting lots of great music out for many years now. Fowler was a pioneer of the Texas Music Scene and his popularity has exploded all over the country and abroad.

Kevin has an awesome band backing him up and it is pure energy from start to finish when he takes that stage. He has a magical connection with his fans that is a wonderful experience to be enjoyed.

Come on out tonight and be ready for a big Saturday night party with Kevin F#*@%*N Fowler at Midnight Rodeo!

Check out the video to Kevin's recent single 'Movin On' and I'll see you tonight as we broadcast live on Kickin' Country 103.1.

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