When it comes to horror movies, they are okay, but when you add in a personal connection like the 10 ghost legends mentioned below that's when I get excited. And many of the locations of these ghost legends are still available to the public. So, if you enjoy investigating ghost legends maybe you want to visit a few of these horrifying ghost legend locations around the state of Texas.

While I cannot verify any of these ghost legends for myself, they have been been supported by Wide Open Country, as they like to share the scary stuff as we approach Halloween coming up.

There Were Some Haunted Locations That Didn't Make the List

Just a few weekends ago my wife and I took the trip to Austin, while there we had to stop into the Driskill Hotel. It's one of the hotels in Texas that has been rumored to be haunted. We only made a stop into the bar and took a few photos, but I would highly recommend making the stop if you have the chance.

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Here Comes the Ghost Legends

Enough talking about the ghost legends from Texas let's jump into the freaky places and situations.

Check Out These 10 Horrifying Ghost Legends From Texas

Here comes 10 ghost legends from the state of Texas:

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