No pain, no falsetto.

In this extraordinarily odd bit of video, a man on the German TV show Wetten, dass..? (which means "Wanna bet, that..?" -- yeah, we're waiting for it on Netflix, too) -- shows off how he can sing even as cars drive over him (bonus points if you've got the "His favorite band must be the Cars" joke floating in your head). It's just one of those silly little tricks you can show off at cocktail parties, assuming you attend cocktail parties on the Autobahn.

We're not sure if this impressive or insane or a little bit of both, but we do know he's singing in the key of C-major pain.

At least now we know why the world famous German engineering is so good. It needs to be top-notch in case a BMW runs over a guy while he's cutting an album. In that country, it may come in handy for the beloved David Hasselhoff.

Fifteen cars run over the man, who keeps singing because, like the old adage reminds us, the show must go on. It's safe to say, though, his G-flat sounds more like a G-flattened.

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