I was looking on The Chive today and saw a video that blew my mind.  Hair in a can? 



The Chive is a great source of humor and entertainment but when I saw this I just couldn't believe it.  The video was all in spanish and since I speak little to no spanish I will assume it was a balding husband and his wife.  She was sprinkling something from a can on the man's bald spot and rubbing it in.  It actually started to look like real hair.  It was very odd.  I began doing further research to find this interesting product and I found it.  You can order it from none other than Ron Popeil of the Ronco company, go figure.  I watched some videos of this product in action and it's legit however when they say 'the fibers attach to your hair and builds on itself' it makes me wonder if that's what happened to Billy Mays, heart disease and cocaine or to much GLH Formula canned hair on that beard?

Now with Candise and I coming up with great pranks to pull on each other I think we could figure out a good one with canned hair.  Mission Mustache would take on a whole new meaning.  I saw two different types of canned hair, spray in and shake in however I wasn't able to find any shake in canned hair still on the market.  You can still purchase the GLH Formula at the Ronco website.  I'm sure some people may actually want to use this but for me, I want to give people beards and mustaches while they sleep.  Is that wrong?


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