On September 1st, 1964, Charlie Robison was born in Houston, Texas, so Happy Birthday wishes are going out to Charlie today from all of us here at Kickin' Country 103.1.

Charlie's been a mainstay on the Texas/Red Dirt and Americana scene for nearly 20 years now. A former linebacker at Southwest Texas State (now Texas State), Charlie embarked on a music career after an injury in college ended a potential pro football career.

Charlie's first album was 'Bandera' released in 1996. He followed that up with the release of 'Life of the Party' in 1998. That album remains one of my favorite CD's ever. The CD features Charlie staples 'My Hometown' and 'Barlight' along with great songs like 'Sunset Boulevard', 'Indianola', 'Waiting for the Mail' and 'Loving County'.

Happy Birthday Charlie!