Brandon Jenkins is in critical condition after complications from his heart surgery in Nashville on Tuesday, Feb. 20th. His mother, Wilma Jenkins offered an update via her Facebook page yesterday, Feb 22nd around 3:30 p.m.

“He is constantly being cared for with many machines and drugs attached. He went back to surgery this morning and they were able to stop the blood loss. He’s having blood pressure issues although the heart machine does many things for him. His chest is still open and he is sedated. They remind us that he is extremely critical and hoping for some kind of stabilization. My constant prayer is that he will come back to us. You must know, as I do, that thousands of friends and fans around the world are also praying and sending their love.”

A fundraiser where fans can purchase a “Hearts Beat for Jenkins” t shirts with 100% of all proceeds going to Brandon to help with hospital bills has been set up. You can also donate to him directly via paypal.

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