Smith Entertainment has started putting out albums featuring numerous of singer/songwriters in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  If you want a great compilation CD you may want to check this out.


Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II hits stores and digital download Tuesday September 4th but I recieved a few copies and have been listening.  This volume is fantastic.  It's got hits from Fourteen of your favorite Texas/Red Dirt artists.  One in particular I've enjoyed is '$50 And A Flask Of Crown' as written by Matt Powell.  Matt has written many hits, has his own band and plays guitar for Brandon Rhyder as well as writing Brandon's recent single 'Shine' and the title track of Bart Crow's new album 'dendelion'.  Matt has quite the resume.  Fourteen of your favorite artists on one album, you can't go wrong.  Stop by the Smith Music Group website and pre-order your copy now or listen all day Monday

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