“No child deserves an empty desk.” That is the Motto and Mission of the D.E.S.K. program. To insure all SAISD students have the necessary school supplies to facilitate learning.

D.E.S.K. (Donate Educational Supplies for Kids) volunteers & sponsors work to provide school supplies for students in the San Angelo ISD for grades K thru 12 who cannot afford the supplies on their own.

That is a tall order to fill because a lot of students need the assistance. That is why D.E.S.K. is asking our community to help once again this year to make their 6th Annual D.E.S.K sale a huge success. They are collecting like new or Vintage Ornaments & Decorations to sell at the 6th Annual D.E.S.K. event. The “Decorations for DESK” Sale will be held Saturday, December 3rd at 1st Community Federal Credit Union, 3505 Wildewood Drive from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.  Please gather your ”like New” or Vintage Christmas ornaments, decorations, serving pieces, lights or basically anything that could be used at Christmas and drop them off at 1st Community Federal Credit Union by Monday, November 28th Everyone who donates will have an entry in a drawing for a $25 gift card.

D.E.S.K. program assistance is provided in 2 ways. First, they will take the money raised and purchase Gift Cards to be used to purchase supplies from both Sam's and Walmart. Secondly, they will gather all donated new supplies and divide them among the schools. Each school should provide the needed supplies when requested by the parent/guardian of the student and they also set up a closet for their teachers to access when a student is needing some type of supply.

Due to limited funding, originally the DESK program was only able to help in the SAISD elementary schools. Eventually, they were able to begin providing funding and supplies to the junior highs, the 9th grade campus, and the high schools on a limited basis. As they continue to grow. the D.E.S.K. program is looking to branch out to help more and more students.

Many parents and teachers have thanked the D.E.S.K. representatives, sponsors, volunteers and everyone who donates over and over for the help they provide to the students each year. Not only does it take pressure off the students when they have the necessary supplies just like everyone else, but it helps teachers not have to buy the needed supplies out of their own pockets.

For more information, call Vicki Loso at 325-224-3607.

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