Russians are know for liking their vodka, but, some of them, like Andrey Yeremeev, also have a deep love of beer.

The Russian man, who's hilariously sporting a Boston Bruins T-shirt (although Milwaukee Brewers might be more appropriate), did something you know you have thought of, but never did: he installed a faucet that pours beer in his kitchen sink.

If there was a Nobel Prize for awesomeness, this year's race would be over.

The dispenser is situated right next to the traditional faucet in the sink and looks just like a tap you'd see in any ol' bar.

The stars aligned perfectly to make this happen, too. Yeremeev's apartment is above a tap-beer chain store and the idea to install a beer pipeline began as nothing more than a joke, but turned serious after the beer store told him it could be done and even dispensed an engineer to make it happen. Quicker than you can say "refill!," the tap was put in, rendering it useless for Yeremeed to ever leave home again..

"Now the beer is here and everything's fine," he said. "I'm very glad that I've lived out my dream!"

And if you're wondering how much he shelled out to make the tap, keep wondering. Yeremeev won't say.

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