Look here, it's album release day for Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers' new project Hold My Beer: Vol.1which you can buy on iTunes by clicking the link. You really get to see the their friendship, and abilities throughout the album. They compliment each other very well, and all in all it's about to buddies having a grand ol' time with each other.

Wade told Radio Texas, LIVE! that the album is rooted in the friendship between he and Randy,

“There’s no set list, no gimmicks, no real plan at all,” says Wade. “We just get up there act like idiots, and make fun of each other. That’s pretty much what we do when we go hang out.”

He goes on,

“The whole plan behind this record is not to capture great songs, it’s about capturing the great moments. We’re trying really hard not to make this just another live record.”


Here is the track listing for Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers’ Hold My Beer:

1. “In the Next Life”
2. “I Had My Hopes Up High”
3. “‘Til It Does”
4. “Good Luck With That”
5. “It’s Been a Great Afternoon”
6. “I’ve Got Standards”
7. “El Dorado”
8. “Hangin’ Out in Bars”
9. “Lady Bug”
10. “Reasons to Quit”
11. “Lost & Found” (acoustic bonus track)
12. “Trouble” (acoustic bonus track)


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