The premise of the holiday classic 'Home Alone' -- that a family would forget their eight-year old as they left on a trip to France -- is fairly absurd.

Although when you consider how many kids the McCallister clan had to keep track of, maybe it's not so absurd. We've kept track of all of the actors who played the McCallister youngsters, and you can learn about what they are up to below.

Macaulay Culkin, Kevin

Macaulay Culkin
20th Century Fox/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Then: Macaulay Culkin was already a recognizable face before 'Home Alone' thanks to his memorable role in 'Uncle Buck,' but it was the Wet Bandits-foiling tyke Kevin McCallister that made him easily the biggest child star since Shirley Temple.

Now: Culkin has had a handful of adult roles -- most notably in 'Party Monster' and 'Saved.' But perhaps Culkin has been best known as of late for his almost nine-year relationship with actress Mila Kunis, which ended in late 2013, and for being a pallbearer at his good friend Michael Jackson's funeral.

Devin Ratray, Buzz

Devin Ratray
20th Century Fox/Jemal Countess, Getty Images

Then: In 'Home Alone,' Devin Ratray played Buzz McCallister, Kevin's jerk of an older brother. During the early '90s, he also played bullying characters in 'Little Monsters' and 'Dennis the Menace.' Clearly "the bully" is a role Devin was born to play.

Now: Devin remains a working actor today with roles on 'Law & Order: SVU' and the Ryan Reynolds horror flick 'R.I.P.D.' In 2007, a documentary crew followed Ratray around as he attempted to win the heart of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, resulting in the film 'Courting Condi.' So Buzz McCallister and Muammar Gaddafi had something in common.

Angela Goethals, Linnie

Angela Goethals
20th Century Fox/Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Then: Angela Goethals played Kevin's snobby older sister Linnie McCallister in 'Home Alone,'  and was one of the few actors who didn't return for 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.' (Linnie was played by Maureen Elisabeth Shay in the sequel.) The McCallister parents sure have a bad habit of losing kids.

Now: Goethals followed up 'Home Alone' with a lead role on the short-lived sitcom 'Phenom' opposite 'Who's the Boss' star Judith Light. After graduating from Vassar, she resumed her acting career, making several guest star appearances on television, most prominently in the recurring role of Maya Driscoll on '24.'

Hillary Wolf, Megan

Hillary Wolf
Getty Images/Andy Lyons, Getty Images

Then: Hillary Wolf played snarky older sis Megan McCallister in 'Home Alone' and  'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'  before retiring from the acting biz.

Now: A second-degree black belt in Judo, Wolf represented the United States in the sport in the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics. Things would've gotten really interesting if the McCallisters had left her home alone.

Kieran Culkin, Fuller

Kiernan Culkin
20th Century Fox/Kevin Winter. Getty Images

Then: Kieran played bed-wetting younger cousin Fuller to real-life big bro Macaulay Culkin in 'Home Alone.' It was his first acting job, and Kieran went on to establish himself as a child star in his own right.

Now: Kieran continues to act in films like 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World' and 'Igby Goes Down,' for which he garnered a Golden Globe nomination. While the 29-year old actor spent most of the past decade as a stage actor, he has returned to film with roles in 'Margaret' and the parody film 'Movie 43.'

Michael C. Maronna, Jeff

Michael C. Maronna
20th Century Fox/@michaelcmaronna, Twitter

Then: You might remember Michael C. Maronna as Kevin's obnoxious older brother Jeff in 'Home Alone.' Michael started out in the biz at the age of five, and went on to play "Big Pete" on the cult classic Nickelodeon comedy 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete.'

Now: Following roles in 'Slackers' and '40 Days and 40 Nights,' Michael now works as an electrician on films and TV shows. He's also on Twitter.

Kristin Minter, Heather

Kristen Minter
20th Century Fox/Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Then: Kristin Minter portrayed pretty older cousin Heather McCallister in 'Home Alone.' The next year, in 1991, she had the honor of playing Vanilla Ice's main squeeze in the 'Ice Ice Baby' rapper's famously awful star-vehicle 'Cool as Ice.'

Now: After a long run as stylish desk clerk Randi Fronczak on 'ER,' Minter continues to pop up on television, most recently on an episode of 'The Mentalist.'

Diana Rein, Sondra

Diana Rein

Then: Diana Rein went by the fancier name "Daiana Campeanu" when she played Sondra McCallister, one of Kevin's cousins, in 'Home Alone.'

Now: Diana is a singer/songwriter who plays venues in and around the Chicago area. She started acting again last year, and has appeared in a handful of short films.

Senta Moses, Tracy

senta moses
20th Century Fox/Charley Gallay, Getty Images

Then: Senta Moses played yet another McCallister cousin in both 'Home Alone' films before moving on to the role of Delia Fisher on 'My So-Called Life' and supporting turns on 'Sister Sister' and 'Beakman's World.'

Now: Moses continues to be an in-demand character actress on TV today, most recently on 'Greek.'

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