Texas is a big state with diverse roots and cultures. But in some ways, we are a lot alike. You’ve probably had a lot of experiences that other Texans can relate to. Here are 20 things, many of which, if you are a Texan...you have probably done at some point.

1. You've been to the State Fair.

2. You've floated one of our incredible rivers

3. You've been to a chili or bar-b-que cookoff

4. You've been on a horse

5. You've taken a spring break in South Padre or Port Aransas.

6. You've danced the "Cotton Eyed Joe"

7. You've been to at least one rodeo.

8. You've visited the Alamo

9. You have driven all day and never left the state!

10. You've been to a famous dance hall, and we have quite a few.

11. You've been fishing or hunting.

12. You've sung "Deep in the Heart of Texas", even if you only know the first verse.

13. You've been to a professional Football or Baseball game in Texas.

14. You've traveled to Mexico

15. You've made sun tea.

16. You've been bitten by fire ants and thought you might die.

17. You've developed a very strict definition of Mexican food and what it's supposed to be like.

18. You've taken pictures with bluebonnets.

19. You've gotten tan lines or a sun burn in a season other than Summer.

20. You've tried Lone Star and/or Shiner beer.

See what I mean. I'll bet most Texans who read this list have done most of these things. If not, perhaps you should give them a try!



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